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The Perfect Natural Cures For Kidney Stones

The Perfect Natural Cures For Kidney Stones

Natural cures for kidney stones are out there! Kidney stones can be both worrisome and very painful! Doctors will tell you that there is not a lot that they can do for them other than to prescribe you pain medication. They will also tell you to drink plenty of fluids to help push the stone through and for larger stones that cannot pass, doctors will sometimes have to schedule surgery in order to remove them. There are some natural cures to help with stones. If you do not know if you are suffering from kidney stones, some of the symptoms are, blood in your urine as well as urinary tract infections that you can not seem to get rid of, or reoccurring urinary tract infections. Fever, frequent urination and cloudy urine may also be symptoms of kidney stones. One of the biggest symptoms of kidney stones is the pain! You may start out with feeling just a small amount of discomfort in your back and rib area. This may be the stone trying loosening and making its way through your system. The pain that you feel will probably increase in strength as the stone travels from your bladder to be expelled. Kidney stone sufferers say that this is a very painful process that is almost debilitating.

Where do stones come from and how are they formed? stones are formed when urine becomes too concentrated. This can occur because of lack of fluids or not drinking enough water. Substances (to include minerals) will being to crystallize, the crystals the form together and make a larger stone. Smaller stones can pass without causing damage to your bladder; however stones look like small rocks that have spines around them. These spines can scratch the walls of your bladder. There are other factors, (besides dehydration) that can cause stones, family history is one. If you have close family members that have suffered from stones, it is very likely that you too will have them. Males are more likely than females to suffer from stones. Those that have been on high protein diets have also experienced an increase of stones as well as those that suffer from maladies such as gout, and even those who do not move frequently (sedentary lifestyle) have seen an increase in stones.

Some natural cures for kidney stones are eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables as perfectly as drinking lots of water! Green vegetables that provide liquid and roughage will keep your body working properly. Foods that are rich in vitamin B6 such as mustard greens, celery, cabbage and tune will also help with stones. People tend to see an increase in kidney stones during the summer months that are because of not properly hydrating your body. I will help you find a natural cure for kidney stones.

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